New trick: How to stop receiving messages on WhatsApp without internet connection

There are many times when users don’t want to receive messages from WhatsApp but can continue to use applications without having to disconnect the internet connection. In the process, he already knows how this is new lying

Until now, people who want to stop receiving messages for a while, their best solution is to put the phone in airplane mode or turn off Wi-Fi in order to do not connect to the Internet network that causes the message to be sent. WhatsApp send and receive.

However, now a new one to be silly to do without disconnecting the internet connection for the whole phone. This works on all devices and you just have to follow the simple steps.

To begin you will need to log in WhatsApp in the discussion tab and enter the right corner that has three vertical dots. Once there, you will have to search and touch where it says “Settings”.

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All the options in the application center will be open there. However, the one who needs to enter is the speaker “Storage and Information”. Once there, more options will open up

But the most important thing to do is this to be silly is what is said “Proxy”, so you have to enter it. When you enter this option, an option will appear that can be said “Create name” or “Edit name”.

To enter this final stage, you must enter where it says “Chat Port”, once in it will give the option to create a four-digit code. So you have to enter one and put it on “accept”. This will configure the name.

In this sense, when this last time is fulfilled, this will be opened. to be silly of WhatsApp in which no message can be received. However, you can continue to use the Internet in the rest of the device, so there will be no need to close the file or put it in airplane mode.

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