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The wave of unemployment in the big business has made the mark of the digital society, where the unemployed make “catharsis” by sharing their experiences.

“Get ready with me” has gone out of fashion, patterns of repeating the dismissed experience have appeared: “Get out with me”, or “Acompañame a ser dismissed” in Spanish. Taking TikTok as its main release platform, this content has gathered thousands of views.

The new model seems to have a clear link to the total number of layoffs for 2023, which ended at 262,735 according to The removal of technology made in the year 2023 is 59% higher than the total for the year 2022. The cuts must stop, but the human capacity has the need for “catharsis” and help .

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Be with me when I’m fired

International media such as the New York Times followed this phenomenon and reported some of these events. Among these is the killing of Folashade Ade-Banjo, a 30-year-old Los Angeles business consultant.

“I’m about to be fired,” Ade-Banjo told the camera as he put down his phone, “and you’ll see it.” A recently released five-minute TikTok video shows him sitting quietly at his desk and looking at his computer, a look of passion on his face as he nods, ready to go. A tech giant has released it.

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The video gained half a million views and thousands of comments within an hour. “One of my goals this year is to be more open and honest with things that I struggle with in my personal life, so part of that is really showing my life that maybe not as beautiful,” Mrs. Ade-Banjo said in an interview.

Companies from startup Discord to Google have cut hundreds of jobs in recent weeks, with some tech workers taking to social media to share their concerns. known too, and many of these videos have gone viral.

Details like this show people who cry when talking to human resources or going about their daily work knowing that a vague appointment on their calendar will get them fired.

Bad management of resignations?

But not all layoffs seem peaceful. During HR Morning they remembered a recent example involving the IT company Cloudflare and its employee behind Brittany Pietsch.

In the video, Pietsch sets up his camera before joining the Zoom call in which he is fired. Although it was under the impression that this was a layoff, the company later clarified that Pietsch was one of 40 sales employees fired this quarter as a result was good.

During the video, Pietsch repeatedly asked why he was fired and gave some details that were “not (meeting) Cloudflare’s expectations of performance,” according to as a human representative on the phone. Pietsch said that this was the first time he had heard about the work being done poorly; In fact, he says he gets constant compliments and is one of the best performers on his team.

However, what really gets the attention of the Internet is the lack of understanding and preparation of the people running the conference. After asking for more details about the performance measures you didn’t meet, the HR representative said, “We can’t get into the details, and we won’t.”

Pietsch also added that he had not met the leaders he had seen at the meeting before and at one point asked, “Do they know who they are talking to every day?” Given this, the CEO of Cloudflare, Mathew Prince, felt the need to give his version of events in X.

Come with me fired: love catharsis or lack of professionalism?

This trend is part of the drive from Generation Z and millennials to share every aspect of their lives on social media. They are the only ones who created this content that claims it is a way to “make” the thoughts of unemployment.

For Sandra Sucher, a Harvard researcher who studies unemployment, it is a situation where “the boundary between the personal and the professional has been broken.” “The interaction between people and their companies is changing with the increase in remote work,” said the expert.

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