New scams replace PIX copies and put them into online purchases; understand

A new scam has been identified in use by criminals. The purpose of the action is to steal money from the victims when they make purchases online and signal the payment of the pix copy and paste mode. According to experts, there are strategies for improving the virus on the victim’s computer or notebook. The attack does not usually happen on mobile phones.

How the scam works

Usually, this virus is found in malicious ads that appear in search engines, such as Google. By clicking on malicious links, the victim’s computer is instantly infected. You need to pay quickly for what you click on, especially if there are spelling mistakes – as this is how criminals buy places (banners) in search engines to make money to deceive.

Advertisements from schools such as the Post Office were also used. Everything with the purpose of deceiving the guest.

When clicking on the fake link, the GoPIX virus enters the system. From there, the attacker notices when the victim makes an online purchase and chooses to pay through PIX Copia e Cola. It is during payment that the number is exchanged. In other words, instead of paying the store, the victim will make a pix for criminals.

The main weapon against crime is to find out who will pay for it. If there is any indication of deviation, no payment should be made.

Measures to promote security:

– Use of anti-bacterial agents on electronic products;

– In the case of pix replaced by the correct destination, the computer must be scanned;

– Check who the pix will be created for;

– Do not click on bad links that promise good deals or discounts. Choose to enter the real site.

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