New business models: advertising and partnerships sell their content to train AI bots

Pioneering companies in generative intelligence are facing a big problem: the data that they train their systems is not theirs. And the owners demanded the money back. In fact, some of the claims have reached justice. The New York TimesFor example, a lawsuit was filed saying that its articles were used to train chatbots.

However, the big tech companies are one step further. Accordingly BloombergReddit – a forum where people can share news, ask questions and write answers – will allow a “big unnamed AI company” to access its platform of users create content to show its style.

Accordingly Quartz, This new agreement, valued at $60 million annually, provides a platform for the opportunity to profit in the era of intelligence, something that is not easy to find in the this time that everything changes and we don’t know where to go. In short, it marks a change in relation to monetization of content and privacy.

“Contents allowing AI training is, therefore, a new business model,” he said Spiceworks Sumeet Wadhwani, engineer and technology writer. “It remains to be seen how AI companies and content and data providers address privacy and legal issues,” he said.

Along these lines, Wadhwani explains that the fact that Reddit has opened its platform for training AI is not considered illegal, but “what if that model returns an answer that repeats Duplicate or inappropriate information available from the author?” “Who put it on. Reddit?” he asked.

This is not the first time we have seen it. OpenAI, for its part, closed an agreement with the German broadcasting group Axel Springer SA, the owner of various media in Europe and the United States. According to the agreement, Chat GPT will be able to use its favorite text in generating responses to make them more recent.

“This is an important step in both companies’ commitment to using AI to improve content knowledge and create new revenue streams that support the future of journalism,” said Adib Sisani, Global Director of Communications and Sustainability at Axel Springer. SA.

As shown The New York TimesApple also has access to research for major media companies, including Condé Nast, NBC News, IAC (owner of People), signed for at least $50 million. The goal is the same: to have its content legal. However, none of this agreement has been confirmed.

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