Natalia Merino appears in the interview crying, about the situation with the mother: “I can’t take it anymore”

Natalia Merino, also called “Cinnamon Style” She has revealed the worst moments for him through her Instagram stories. Apparently, the creator of the content will have some conflict with the parents, something that will affect him a lot. Because of that, he wanted to tell his followers how stressful his time was.

From their Instagram stories, Natalia Merino She said through tears that it was very difficult for her to get her daughter to sleep, unlike other children who can rest normally at night.

Natalia Merino broke off the conversation

From their Instagram stories, Natalia Merino posted messages related to parenting. Apparently, the content creator will not do very well with the problem of getting his daughter to sleep.

Natalia MerinoThrough tears, she declared that she could not do it for her daughter Valentina He sleeps normally like all children his age, something that makes him very anxious.

What he has revealed Natalia Merino About the parents are the following:

“Today I’m upset with my mother, with Valen’s dream. I think every baby I know sleeps perfectly and Valen is the only one who doesn’t. I can’t do it anymore.”

Like that Natalia Merino She was affected by the idea that her daughter could not sleep well, because it could affect her, being the one who takes care of her every day.

can’t sleep at night

Very scary, Natalia Merino He revealed that it was still really scary to spend the night with his daughter, because she couldn’t sleep straight.

“The night is so scary… I can’t take it anymore, I have to breathe here. “I hate sharing details like that, but I need to know that they’re not the only ones going through this because that’s what I felt at that time,” that’s what he does to know Natalia Merino.

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