MW 3 with DLSS

NVIDIA GeForce 546.01 WHQL driver includes improvements for COD: MW 3 with DLSS 3

In just 10 days the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 hits the market and today the minimum and recommended rules for PC have been announced. NVIDIA has already released a version of its drivers for the beta version of this game, but with its upcoming launch they have announced the availability of new drivers. NVIDIA GeForce 546.01 WHQL with support for the last version and optimizations.

This controller also adds support for DLSS 3 technology with AI frame generation for COD: MW 3, as well as new games such as RoboCop: Rogue City, Jusant and Desynced.

Geeknetic Drivers NVIDIA GeForce 546.01 WHQL includes improvements for COD: MW 3 with DLSS

Along with these new features, the 546.01 WHQL driver also brings some improvements and bug fixes that appeared in previous drivers. For example, performance drops that occurred in newer drivers when creating AI images using Stable Diffusion have been fixed. Performance has also been improved in Halo Infinite after increasing load times and reducing the performance of Maxwell architecture GPUs.

On the other hand, the Windows event manager should not close the error when the NVTOPPS service is stopped, and the LG C3 OLED Smart TV is now recognized as a G-Sync compatible monitor. it should be from the beginning.

On the other hand, the drivers NVIDIA GeForce 546.01 WHQL They have some problems such as incorrect display of transparency in Windows 10, dull colors in Discord when streaming gameplay, or the appearance of NVIDIA icons in the right bar every time there is a change of user .

The NVIDIA GeForce 546.01 WHQL driver is now available on the company’s website for download.

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