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Being a mother is an example of love, sacrifice and responsibility. His unconditional devotion means that he will always be there for you no matter how busy he is, how far away he is. Also, he cares a lot about keeping things neat and tidy at home. Therefore, one of the best gifts you can give him is the possibility of regular connection. And now this is easier with the benefits that Full Claro offers.

What does it mean to be Full Clear?

If your mother has Claro internet at home and on her cell phone pay later, she is already a mother All Claro. All Claro is not a plan but useful, only to make Claro at home and on mobile it can be up to. two fast internet at home, full special discounts on postpaid equipment, up to 50% more gigs on your mobile and many benefits that will become your favorite gift, not only for your day but for life as long as it is Full Claro. In addition, if you already have Claro Hogar now and buy a mobile phone, you will become Total Claro, get 50% discount in the Max plan from S/55.90 for 12 months.

Where can I pass the truth?

It is very easy and fast. If you already meet the requirements to be Full Claro and/or want to make the move, go to

Remember to do it All Claro You must have a paid plan from S / 29.90, plus an Internet connection in 1 game from S / 65 or 2 Games from S / 66 or 3 Games from S / 131 per month. Used for planning with Fiber Coaxial and Fiber Optic technology.

You already know! Celebrate your mother on her day with the benefits of Full Claro. She, as an unconditional mother, full time, he will appreciate the opportunity to have technology that will keep him close to you. To find coverage and other restrictions on our plans Max, Claro Hogar and Full Claro, visit and find them at


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