More than 10,000 people died in the Gaza Strip due to Israeli attacks

A new night of Israeli attacks against the Gaza Strip. More than one twenty Palestinians have died during the night of this Sunday and early Monday after an Israeli bombardment throughout the territory of the Gaza Strip. Most of the victims are Women and childrenas reported by the Palestinian news agency Wafa.

The Israeli military confirmed this Monday that it has bomb at night 450 Hamas posts y they killed the leaders in the Gaza Strip.

He announced that “Our forces controlled the Hamas compound, attacked 450 targets from the air and killed Hamas leaders in cooperation with the Shin Bet (Internal Security Agency)”.

The Gaza Strip, divided into two

The spokesman of the Israeli Army, Daniel Hagari, revealed yesterday that the ground forces have reached the Mediterranean coast at the height of the middle of the Gaza Strip. break it in two.

“Today there is northern Gaza and southern Gaza,” explained Hagari, who clarified that the army had already taken control of the project. control of the northern half of the enclave and which was closed in Gaza City, the main population center in the northern half.

Protests in Lebanon

They don’t stop protests in Lebanon. tonight, three daughters and their grandmother died in an Israeli bombardment in the south of the country. They died from the impact of an Israeli aircraft projectile protect the public car in which they surrounded the cities of Blida and Aainata, near the border with Israel.

Follow the conflict in the Middle East live minute by minute.

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