Moraes wants Congress to regulate the relationship

In the opening session of the TSE, the director said that the networks cannot be “unlawful land” and called on the technology giant to play a role.

President of the TSE (Supreme Electoral Court), director Alexandre de Moraes, requested on Thursday night (February 1, 2024) the provisions of the discussion by the National Congress. According to him, there should be control “in defense of freedom”.

“There must be a general control by the National Congress in the defense of freedom”, the president of the Court said. Moraes added that the law will also be carried out by the TSE in the 2024 municipal elections.

The judge classified the use of mass media as one of the “big problems” of modern democracy. He also said that the use of AI (artificial intelligence) represents a risk during elections.

According to him, the network has led to the creation of false statements and non-existent stories “everything connected with reality”but that is absorbed by the electorate.

“There is no way to accept that the relationship is no man’s country, the land is illegal”announced the director during the opening of the 1st meeting of 2024 of the court.

The Minister also called for accountability on the part of big tech. “They need to be responsible for what they are financially benefiting from. They need to be responsible for the content that their algorithms promote, inform, and bring to the voters, and, with that, they get a business benefit”.

Moraes criticizes the discussion for many people who are not sure, for the fact that companies do not immediately remove accounts and content that contain hate speech and speech against freedom, and does not communicate when videos and audios are intelligent.


Discussions about the regulation of online sites have gained momentum during the 2022 election, when social media companies must remove content that contains false information about people. compete on air through arbitration. They started again with the events of January 8th and, now, the problem has gained a new meaning due to a new concern: violent attacks on students and teachers in schools across the country.

At the same time, the accountability of big tech of user content being reviewed by the Legal Committee, in the Chamber of Deputies; by the Court, especially in the STF (Supreme Court); and from the Director, in the Ministry of Justice and even in the AGU (Lawyer of the Association). The policy has been defended by President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) since before his last election.

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