Moraes’ new plan against Bolsonaro’s followers and the media

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The Minister Alexandre de Moraesthe president of Superior Electoral Courtshowing his claws again against the Bolsonarism as social media.

In a critical introduction about hate speech and the benefits of social interaction fake newsannounced the creation of a working group – in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice it depends Federal police – to fight against groups that fight against democracy.

In other words, scammers, worshipers of AI-5 and Carlos Alberto Bilhante Ustra.

Yes, the idea is to check followers from all political parties. But in Brazil, we know, they were, for the most part, embodied by the dark spirit of the right and dictatorship.

Faced with this, Alexandre de Moraes was impatient and decided to expose the dangers of the “Big Techs” who are profiting at all costs, even if it is not good for the freedom struggle of the year recently.

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“Regulation is necessary. It is not possible to allow the purpose of false speech, the purpose of hate speech without responsibility from the so-called big technology”, he said in the open TSE position.

For the president, human dignity must be preserved from the “illegal ground” set up on the internet and social media.

Alexandre de Moraes also explained that, in March, all the presidents of the regional electoral court will participate, in one song, in the fight against the terrorists who wants to destroy the law.

Everything to get the country ready for the local elections. All so that the country can keep the freedom of another election.

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