Moraes defends social control while opening TSE work

President of the Supreme Electoral Court, Prime Minister Alexandre de Moraes, defended this Thursday (), the need to control the use of communication, messaging services and intelligence .

The minister spoke during the opening of the Electoral Court, which, this year, is responsible for overseeing the municipal elections. At the time, Moraes defended the role of the so-called “big technology”, which is called big technology. He said that the issue is not only about freedom, but about human dignity. For the president, he cannot admit that the social dialogue is “illegal ground”.

“Regulation is necessary. not just a law from the Supreme Court of Elections, from the Electoral Court, because this will be done, it will be done in 2024. But there must be General laws, by the National Congress, protect freedom. It cannot be done but allow the purpose of false speech, the purpose of hate speech without responsibility from the so-called big technology”scored

The leader confirmed that the Electoral Court will manage the issue, according to the resolution that is in the representative of the vice president Cármen Lúcia. Moraes also announced a task force, in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice, to fight groups that work against democracy. There will be the cooperation of the Federal Police. The idea is to track who posts hate speech.

In addition, there will be a meeting in March with all the presidents of the country’s regional courts, so that they can cooperate in the protection and persecution of criminals. In the meeting this Thursday, a proposal, the TSE agreed to send to the Board of Directors, on our list to write TRE-PR, which is going to judge the case of Senator Sergio Moro (União-PR), which can have it. right to cancel.

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