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picture show band
Band Rod Hanna will be the attraction of a party that will be in the past in Montes Claros (Photo: Banda Rod Hanna/publicity)

A trip back in time, reminding people of a generation and reliving the golden age in music, without the influence of the internet and new technologies. This is the goal of the “Barrados in the 80s” Party, which will be held in Montes Claros, in the north of Minas, next Saturday (4/11). The event will feature the Rod Hanna band, considered one of the best flashback bands in the country.

According to the organization, in addition to not having a goal for profit, the party has a difference: the minimum age limit of 45 years for entry. “The idea of ​​limiting the minimum age is instinctive, with the aim of bringing a generation that is still young in the 1980s. The aim is to revive and only those who live by something that can be moved by the memory of that time.” , said the architect Isabella Rebello, designer and organizer of the event.

According to him, the event is intended to provide a generation with a trip to the past, with the possibility of getting happy when coming back to the music, dance and the show of Their youth, with a lot of nostalgia, “back” to the time of life. It’s different from today, remember when there was no internet, cell phone and WhatsApp, or chat.

“I think we are experiencing a huge change, between the “before” and the “after” of technology”, said the designer.

The party will be held at a house in the city, with everything (all inclusive system). Tickets are already sold out.

“From the beginning I have decided that it will not be useful, I have also decided that I will throw the best party. At the beginning, it will be from the age of 50 years, but the heart was very good because people in their fifties usually marry people who are 45 years old, so he is 45 years old,” said Isabella.

The organization said, at the same time that it is not interested in young people, “the restriction is not for people under the age of 45|” It ended up supporting the self-esteem of the 80s generation, which felt more valued. “When I released this policy, many people liked it. It was then that I realized that this idea has improved the parties, raising the self-esteem of people of that age”, said Isabella Veloso.

“The reason that made us hold the Barrados Festival in the 80s is the vitality of life. When we reach 50 years, we have more understanding. So, the idea is to live, to celebrate dedicated to the reality of living as a teenager in the most iconic decade of all time. We must feel special, we are the last block in life without A big change,” said Isabella.

He explained that, because there is no profit target, the income from the initial fees is only used to pay the expenses of the entire budget for high-level employees, such as hiring Team Rod Hanna, which is comparable to the price. among other well-known groups.

Isabella remembers that the participants “Barrados in the 80s will recreate the food and drinks of the time, the club disco themed around and everyone will wear the clothes and attitude of the time.” It doesn’t make sense if we don’t listen to all our thoughts”, points out Isabella, noting that the progress has attracted groups from Belo Horizonte and caravans from the cities in the north of Minas such as Bocaiuva and Salinas.

Isabella Rebello mentions that the 1980s was also an important period for culture and art, marked by the emergence of eternal idols. “Our idols are also our children, we are the generation that created the biggest idols in the world – in music, cinema, television and drama. We are the problem of children in base: before and after the internet, unfortunately our children are not as lucky as us, in my opinion things are only getting worse “he observed.

“Incredible music, songs and songs were created for the world in the 80s, the most important symbol of each decade”, points out Isabella Rebello. Among the names that became eternal idols in that time and that have already left, he mentions Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Tina Turner. But, among other stars that “died out” in the 1980s, he mentions Madonna and Cindy Lauper.

Among the symbols of country music that appeared in the 80s are the bands Blitz, RPM, Paralamas do Sucesso, Legio Urbana, Ultraje a Rigor, Tits, Kid Abelha, Metr, Grafite, Roupa Nova, Ira, Biquni Cavado and Ultraje a Rigor and. Singers Lo Jaime and Lobo.

picture show band
Band Rod Hanna will be the attraction of a party that will be in the past in Montes Claros (Photo: Banda Rod Hanna/publicity)

“We should be proud of our generation. We have been entitled to a lot of knowledge and a lot of freedom, even in a stressful world but not too protective of parents. “Our idols are accepted by the new generation and will live on for the next generation! Very happy”, said Isabella.

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