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An experience can support a good job. During a trip abroad, Edu, one of the founders of Roams, received premium service on his cell phone without his permission and had a bill for thousands of dollars that caused him to lose it line and enter the first name. This problem, together with his experience on the phone, made him realize that thousands of people have similar problems, which is added. headache of managing costs and choosing the right price for your consumptionno need to waste money.

Edu’s initial desire quickly transformed into a broader vision, enabling us to develop a strategic business plan and new cost comparison method which allows us to enter the Banco Santander business accelerator. Our idea not only won the prestigious recognition, but also enjoyed the support of big technology like Google, Microsoft and Amazon. These companies They reward our ability to use new technologya validation that expands our reach and helps us grow in the first year of life.

These successes and recognitions, together with the support of small investors, have allowed us to develop into a product technology-based company with a journalistic heartdedicated to creating solutions that have allowed millions of people to save a lot of money on their phone bills.

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