Mobile Internet: mobile data traffic from mobile phones will increase by more than 45% between 2022 and 2023

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From Osiptel

The results show that by the end of 2023, there will be a constant increase in the access and use of mobile data in the internet from mobile phones. Thus, that year, the total traffic of mobile phones marked a new era and reached 5,735,755 Terabytes (TB), 45.60% higher than recorded in 2022 (3,939,395 TB), it was announced Office of Security in Telecommunications (OSIPTEL).

According to data published on the OSIPTEL PUNKU portal, in the fourth quarter of 2023 alone, the Internet traffic of mobile phones was recorded at 1.5 million TB, an increase of 29.49% compared to the same during the year 2022 and 4.14% more compared to the third quarter of 2023.

The progress in the use of mobile Internet has increased in the daily life of millions of Peruvians, which is evidenced by the growth of traffic data in the last quarter of 2023 , which five times the corresponding results in 2018.


The average monthly mobile Internet sent by mobile phones also increased to 17.28 gigabytes (GB) per mobile phone in the fourth quarter of 2023, three times more than the same period of 2019. Compare with the previous quarter, the growth was 4.74% and compared to the fourth quarter of 2022 it was 28.19%.

In the last quarter of 2023, 75.46% of the traffic corresponds to the equipment with the contract model (reimbursement and management), when using the data from the phones on hand prepaid share of 24.54%.

According to the analysis of the OSIPTEL Regulatory and Competition Commission (DPRC), the number of mobile phones that have entered the mobile network has increased by 1.01% compared to the previous year. from 30,007,570 to 30,311,263 cell phones, but fell by 0. 57%. quarter of 2023.

ENTEL grows the share of mobile phones that access the Internet

Compared to the fourth quarter of 2022, Movistar, Claro and Bitel saw their business decrease in terms of mobile Internet penetration (-2.47, -0.60 and -0.34 percentage points, respectively). This price was invested by Entel, because its stake increased by 3.53 percent ​​​​points.

As a result, Claro is the company with the largest market share (34.92%) of mobile phones with internet access, followed by Movistar with 26.03%, Entel (20.35%), Bitel (18.56%) and others. companies (0.13%).

However, in terms of mobile internet data sent by mobile phones, from the fourth quarter of 2023, of the four main operating companies, only Entel found its share decreased (-1.15 percentage points), compared to the same period in 2022; while the share of Bitel, Movistar and Claro increased by 0.87, 0.2 and 0.1 percentage points, respectively.

With this, Claro maintains leadership in the market, in terms of mobile internet data sent by mobile phone from the fourth quarter of 2023 with 37.87%, then Movistar (23.12%), Entel (23.11%) and Bitel (15.87%).

The information in this report corresponds to the analysis prepared by the Department of Regulatory Affairs and Competition (DPRC) of the regulatory agency, according to the information from companies operating within the scope of the Time Information Requirements (NRIP).

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