Mixto repudiates and detonates Deyverson on social media

After Cuiabá beat Mixto 2-1, this Monday (5), the player Deyverson made fun of his opponent by saying that he would eat “hot mix” for breakfast.

Mixto, in turn, did not let it down and responded to the opponent’s comments on social media.

See the document:

Mixto Esporte Clube goes public on behalf of its board of directors, investors, its passion and proven the biggest fan in Mato Grosso, to REPUDIATE the words in the paper of criticism from soccer expert DEYVERSON from Cuiabá Esporte Clube. Below we share some conclusions about his speech:

1. Deyverson does not know the history of football in Mato Grosso, so he does not know who Operário, Mixto and Dom Bosco are. These are the so-called classics of our football;

2. Deyverson must respect his opponents, especially his colleagues. Treating them with contempt, scorn and contempt does nothing for your work. Less pride, resistance and arrogance are important for a successful job. Football is not just played on the field. See examples of Zico, Pelé, Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Ronaldo and many others;

3. Deyverson must have known or known about Mixto’s history. This club has twice as many provincial titles as Cuiabá – 24 against 12; He has more participation in the elite of Brazilian football than Cuiabá – 8 against 4; It has roots and a very passionate and rich history; Without Mixto, Cuiabá would not exist;

4. We regret, condemn and reject the statements made by the public, still a footballer, Deyverson against this organization called Mixto Esporte Clube;

5. Last but not least, with this practice we can only understand that Deyverson is already focused on his future work, as he is going to the end of his career. He is in the process of learning to become a humorist, starting his career in the ring of a circus as a clown, a role he plays with skill.

DEYVERSON, and everyone, respect the MIX!
We ask for and love respect!

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