MinTIC publishes the information required for small Internet service providers, in order to create connection plans

With the aim of meeting the goal of increasing fixed and mobile connectivity by 2026 to 85% of the country, the ICT Ministry published a Request for Information (RFI) with the aim of inviting all Internet Service Providers (ISP), Telecommunication Services and Services (PRST. ), and Connectivity Communities to present their observations for data connectivity add and submit their quotations and other requested documents, including a reference to the construction of infrastructure necessary to provide Internet services in homes in secluded areas.

Interested people can join until May 2, 2023via email:

With initiatives like this we seek to help vulnerable areas, rural and remote areas and historically forgotten populations; That is why it is very important to work together with actors in the sector and other interested parties in the framework of projects to bring fixed Internet to the homes which is most needed.” explained ICT Minister Sandra Milena Urrutia.

The information contained in the RFI will serve as the basis for the creation of a plan to bring the connection through a fixed Internet service to the regions of the country, in addition to helping to reduce the distribution digital. Interested parties will be able to find details of the work process and the required documents in the attached document.

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