Microsoft removed free Xbox Game Pass from 230,000 employees

Microsoft employees are not satisfied with the company after the company announced the end of the benefits for the employees. According to a report on the website The Vergewho works at the company will lose the free subscription to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service package from January 2024, which was previously given to the team.

Employees who work directly with the Xbox division will still hold an advantage. However, those in other Microsoft projects – such as cloud, hardware and Windows, for example – will be affected by the measure, which is part of the benefits offered to employees .

Overall, this means that the around 238 thousand people now have to pay to have services by monthly or annual subscription. It will be provided with a mysterious discount for these peoplefrom a retail store that offers other products at a promotional price for employees.

Game Pass is an important part of the current brand of consoles, Xbox Series X|S.Game Pass is an important part of the current brand of consoles, Xbox Series X|S.Source: GettyImages

According to The Verge, employees receive bad newsIncluding using the company’s internal messaging system to complain about layoffs to management.

Head of Xbox Division, Phil Spencer, he replied in this place that he was not aware of the change and that he would investigate the matter further. So far, Microsoft has not commented on this issue.

More changes from Microsoft

This is just one of the controversial corporate decisions from Microsoft’s gaming company in recent weeks. The company has gone through several controversies in the past few days.

Recently, the company decided to raise the price of the Xbox Series S console only in Brazil, in addition to announcing a new policy that prohibits the use of illegal equipment on the consoles. Also, Game Pass itself went up in price in June, in a rare change promoted by the company.

In the air since 2017, Xbox Game Pass guarantees access to a stable and rotating catalog of games for PC and consoles, with the possibility of playing on the cloud, among other things products for end customers.

The income from the service and the development of the platform are considered important for distribution. In the leak of internal documents during the process related to Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, which was completed in October this year for almost US $ 70 billion, Spencer said that Microsoft could leave the game segment if Game Pass does not grow enough until 2027.

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