Microsoft opens WebView2 in the Xbox Developer app; Why is it important?

Xbox Media app developers can now use the latest technology to develop their apps with WebView2. This is an important evolution in the ecosystem.

Users can expect better Xbox media apps in the future. The days of slow, clunky apps seem to be over, as Microsoft is now allowing developers to use the Edge version with Chromium.

With the availability of Edge’s WebView2 support, app developers on Xbox can now use the new technology. The release will happen after the last month of testing. Many developers need this feature for a long time to improve the performance of their applications.

The WebView2 controller allows HTML, CSS and JavaScript to be used in Xbox applications. Wait for many HTML5 games appear on Xbox. The MakeCode application developed by Microsoft also allows these controls to be incorporated into games.

STARZ’s Xbox app is the first to use WebView2. Support can also be integrated into the game easily, which we hope more developers will take advantage of.


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