Metricool analyzed 41,170 LinkedIn company pages in its new LinkedIn search 2024

What format is preferred for page format? Are hashtags important? What content drives the most engagement on LinkedIn? With the information extracted from the Study we have provided answers to these questions and other questions to help understand the work of professional relations.

The carousel, everyone’s favorite

The carousel is LinkedIn’s star mode, the most important in almost all important metrics. It is the type of advertisement that receives the most impressions, with an average of 1,387.2 impressions per advertisement and is better than the rest. Images, which achieve an average of 703.3, have a greater balance with other standards, 672.15 for video and 589.55 for text.

At the same time, it is the most important in the joint venture, receiving an average of 32.02%. Once again it is at the top, almost three times the second type, which is images (11.20%), which achieves better than video (4.39%) and text (4.35%).

Carousels also override metrics that the user needs to participate in. Thus, it is the type that generates the most clicks, with an average of 427.38 clicks per post and the most published, with an average of 1.70 shares per post.

In the same way are the likes or opinions, where the carousels stand out with an average of 14.54 likes per post, this time followed by images (14.12 per post). And even the comments, interactions that they do in the first place with an average of 0.49 comments per post, with a small difference compared to images (0.48 per post) and video (0.47 per ad).

This leads to confusion with the number of carousels published by the business name. Since the format is one of the least used, it accounts for only 78,522 carousels of 1,578,969 analyzed words.

What is the best advertising frequency

One of the questions that we often ask when creating a strategy on LinkedIn, and on any relationship, is how many times to post a day or a week to achieve goals.

In conclusion, we have not found a relationship between increasing the frequency of advertising and getting more profit. This is because the demand depends on many factors, in addition to the frequency with which the content is published in the social network.

Among these other important factors is the number of followers or the number of times the ad has been published, thus reaching a larger audience.

However, we want to know the frequency of advertising in each type of account and it is the large accounts (between 55,000 and 55 M followers) that advertise the most accounts with an average of 1.24 words in a day. The amount, more than one post per day, which is different from the smallest amount, which just reached 0.21 posts per day.

What is the best time to post

If there is one topic that has raised curiosity, it is the use of hashtags on LinkedIn. Are they important? Do they generate more impressions and allow the content to reach more users?

To find out, we have analyzed the results of the posts according to how many hashtags they have, from 1 to 3, from 3 to 6 or more than 7. And information about: the important The most important thing is to include 1 to 3 hashtags. , because it is the number that the best measurement is received in comments, likes, thoughts and clicks.

Another big question that comes up on the list when creating content is what is the best time to post. On LinkedIn, want to know, the time that the advertising money is published and the time that most users work together, 10 am.

And the best day is Wednesday, close to Thursday and Friday, and consider the main disappointment on the weekend, Saturday and Sunday.

The Social Survey is based on the analysis of 41,170 financial experts divided into 5 groups according to the size of their followers: Small, Small, Medium, Large and Large, or facilitate comparison between them. In turn, 1,578,969 publications were identified, of which 78,522 were carousels, 719,537 were publications (which we included publications, surveys or articles with links), 579,283 were posters out with photos and 201,629 that include video.

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