Mentos teaches the public how to “hack” slow internet

The event, organized by VML, will showcase the creative content and advertising strategy of Loud

Mentos has launched a campaign that aims to make people’s everyday lives more fun.

With “Wifi Refresh”, created by VML, the brand will teach Brazilians how to “hack” slow internet using Mentos’ aluminum packaging.

“Refresh is a concept that helps make people’s daily lives more fun. And nothing is more disruptive than when the internet is slow and everything freezes”, says Gabriel Carletti, Associate Creative Director of VML. “In social media it is common to see content with everyday products that make life easier. That’s when we see that Mentos packaging can be a friend to develop in internet.”, added Victor Castelo, Creative Director of VML.

The promotional strategy will be expanded with celebrities and representatives and a team of content creators hired by BR Media Group.

“To make it is necessary to understand that we have to break the idea of ​​advertising simple products, and with that we start reverberating the business. Therefore the content (such as Mentos) is not only used, but seen as a gamer hack “concludes Thiago Bispo, Business Director of BR Media Group.

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