Mentos suggests improving Wi-Fi signal with packaging

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March 26, 2024 – 12:06 a.m

Mentos action is produced by VML and in collaboration with Sound and BR Media Group (Credit: Share)

Mentos found, in its own product, a solution to help people overcome Wi-Fi signal interference.

In the “Wifi Refresh” action, the goal is to publish a guide that shows how to use an aluminum container wrapped with chewing gum to hack the slow internet and get a better connection.

The recommendation comes from a study by Dartmouth University, in the United States, which said that putting aluminum foil around the router’s antenna can improve the internet signal.

Created by VML, the action invites people to tag @MentosBrasil on social media.

In addition, the initiative has the participation of famous people, such as Caiox, Castrin, Brabox and Loud_Mih, and a production team hired by BR Media Group, in order to expand the connection words.

Watch the video of the action:

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