Meet Alava influencers who are successful in social media

For many years, time ‘influencer’ It is increasing more and more in our daily life. Also called content creators, is very visible both in the media and in other parts of society. They are all special in a specific niche: gastronomy, fashion, sports, etc.

To better understand their work, below we present a list of the most important Alava influencers that create trends and awaken passions of their followers.

  • Edurne Alba and Pippa (@rebelattitude): This expert and fashion expert wrote 610,000 followers on Instagram, from where he shared his ideas outfits and more fashion tricks. She also has her own website selling clothes.
  • Gorka Barredo (@gorkabarredo): ib. Famous chefs Alava have 499,000 ‘followers’ on social networks. His post turned up cooking recipes and succulent dishes Easy to prepare.
  • Sara Baceiredo (@Sarabace): This young woman from Gasteiz, who has 497,000 followers on Instagram, he also has his own name, called ‘It’s lava’. In addition, he manages his own YouTube channel.
  • Belén Santo (@santobelen: do you want more followers?) This Victorian, which wears 234,000 followers, is one of the most popular. Its content is often discussed travel, nature, personal experience and more fun. It is also available in other networks.
  • Paula Fernández (@paulefdez): This alves modela, a tool against fatphobia, has 106,000 followers. Through Instagram, he shares his face, thoughts of good body strength and many more.
  • Guk Green (@guk_green): This food is available 62,600 followers in your community. His publications found often hidden gastronomic corners of the Alava region, with some local customs.
  • Cristina Grisaleña (@crisxtyle) NWS: This sample from Alava, with 54,900 ‘followers’, pattern style tips and tricks from your Instagram profile. He also collaborates with some fashion brands.
  • Oihane Egea (@oihane_egea): This young woman from Alava, who has 36,400 followersshare on Instagram more ideas and like For all time. He also has a YouTube channel.
  • Mike&food (@maikandfood): Con 31,000 followersThis Instagrammer shared Local people throughout Euskadi and Navarra where you can enjoy health.
  • Zuriñe Hidalgo (@zurihidalgo): you. The former Hesian singer and presenter is also on Instagram, as well 25,800 followers. This Gasteiztar publica his adventures and personal projectssuch as ‘Rooted’.
  • El Gastronauta Alavés (@elgastronautalaves): With 21,100 followers, These content creators bring us closerthe way of the capital of Alava to find all the delicacies that we can be proud of.

  • The fun meter (@eldisfrutometro): This Instagrammer, along 8,783 followers, bring us closer The most important restaurants and shops in Gasteiz, provide unforgettable experiences.

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