Media agencies sign agreement to use audience metrics for OOH

In addition to its partnership in Peru, Scopesi has already provided services to measure visitors in the markets of Argentina since 2017 and Paraguay since the end of 2022.

In a joint effort to improve the quality of outdoor advertising in Peru, some of the Association of Advertising Media (AAM) entered into a two-year contract with Scopesi . The goal of this great collaboration is to use audience measurement for outdoor advertising (OOH), thus providing a valuable tool for decision-making in advertising. Nature.

The signing of this agreement took place on December 13 during the ALOOH DAY Peru event, held at the Country Club Hotel in San Isidro. Among the participants, the presence of Mariano Tejero, Member and President of Scopesi, stood out, who spoke about the relevance of the use of metrics when creating advertising strategies . Tejero said that “decisions supported by objective data analysis are useful and not accepted for profit.” In addition, he mentioned the important progress that the Peruvian industry has experienced by using a professional approach in the planning of outdoor advertising.

“Having a unified and agreed upon media organization is a great step taken as an advertising business. Working with data such as behavior, reach and frequency is the way to be professional in the middle and in this way provide better support to our customers, “said Rocio Capistrano, PR & communication director of the group outdoor publicist at AAM Peru.

To date, Scopesi has provided outdoor advertising providers and media outlets with audience data for the first quarter of 2023. Antonio Miranda, President of AAM Peru , noted the importance of this partnership to promote the medium. OOH. “The average OOH has had a difficult time recovering from the investment of 2019, and we are sure that this joint measure will allow the average price to recover and improve,” he say, about the positive effects that are expected in the context. investment and benefits for the sector.

It should be noted that, in addition to its participation in Peru, Scopesi has already provided services to measure visitors in the markets of Argentina since 2017 and Paraguay since the end of 2022. This history reinforces the knowledge and efficiency that the company brings to advertising. sector in the region.

Which organization has signed an agreement with Scopesi?

The AAM organizations that participate in cooperation with Scopesi are: Carat, Central Media, IPG Mediabrands, Media Connection, OMG, Publicis Groupe, and Begin together with media owners such as Alac OOH Peru, Brapex, Capi Publicidad , Clear Channel Dardos OOH, Glowside , JMT Outdoors, GPO Vallas, Latin American Outdoors, Ledex, Publicom, Streetmedia, Visual Capital and 72 Digital.

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