Mato Grosso do Sul has the worst broadband internet in the Central-West, according to operator comparison

Mato Grosso do Sul has the worst broadband internet in the Central-West, this is the comparison between the planners and the staff of pointed out. The study evaluates the internet speed of all Brazilian states in 2023, based on performance measures in download, download and ping.

Among the 4 states in the region, Mato Grosso do Sul was in last position with an average download speed of 144.57 Mbps. In a country, the average Brazilian speed is 173 Mbps, 16.47% higher than the speed in Mato Grosso do Sul. In comparison of the 26 states plus the Federal District, Mato Grosso do Sul is in the 17th position.

Of capital, the result is not good for the State. In 2023, Campo Grande has the second highest internet performance among the major cities in the Central-West. The capital’s average speed is 169.95 Mbps, while the first place Goiânia has an average connection of 225.60 Mbps. Next is Cuiabá, with 178.58 Mbps and Brasília in the last position, with 164.12 Mbps.

Performance of State employees

For the second time in a row, the award called DigitalNet is the best internet in Mato Grosso do Sul. Although the price is lower compared to other places in the Central-West, the average speed recorded in the State and in Campo Grande is considered good for viewing online, watching good movies and making play online.

The best upload speed is with Ligue, while Claro and Digitalnet say this is below the state average. Upload speeds are often lower than download speeds, even by contract, but only 5 Mbps upload is enough to send high quality videos.

Evaluation of internet operators in MS –

In dealing with State Ping, Digitalnet has achieved the highest level of employee performance. Pings of 100 ms and below are considered the global average for most internet connections. The lower the ping speed, the better the experience for online players.

Check the country ranking

UFDownload FastUpload fastPing
1º One280 Mbps156 Mbps per40 ms each
2nd Pia191 Mbps per134 Mbps per38ms each
3rd Amazon191 Mbps per118 Mbps43ms one
4th Goias187 Mbps per130 Mbps41ms one
5th Mato Grosso185 Mbps per128 Mbps41ms one
6th Tocantins184 Mbps per148 Mbps per42 ms each
7th Federal District173 Mbps per105 Mbps35ms each
8th Rondônia170 Mbps117 Mbps per47ms one
9th Rio de Janeiro158 Mbps per107 Mbps per37ms each
10th São Paulo154 Mbps per97 mbps do36ms each
11th Santa Catarina151 Mbps per95mbps do37ms each
12th Rio Grande do Sul147 Mbps per97 mbps do40 ms each
13th Par146 Mbps per101 Mbps54ms each
14th Ceará146 Mbps per119 Mbps per41ms one
15th Maranhão146 Mbps per110 Mbps45ms each
16th Minas Gerais145 Mbps per100 Mbps47ms one
17th Mato Grosso do Sul145 Mbps per103 Mbps50ms each
18th Roraima144 Mbps per93 mbps do52 ms each
19 Holy Spirit144 Mbps per97 mbps do42 ms each
20th Amapá144 Mbps per117 Mbps per64ms per second
21st Paraná139 Mbps per103 Mbps43ms one
22nd Rio Grande do Norte112 Mbps75 Mbps per50ms each
23rd Sib105 Mbps69 mbps do59ms a
24th Paraíba104 Mbps73 mbps do51ms one
25th Pernambuco99mbps do73 mbps do49 ms each
26th Bahia98 mbps do69 mbps do56ms per second
27th Alagoas95 mbps do70 Mbps per58ms each
Fixed Internet Ranking in Brazil in 2023 –

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