Márquez messes again in social networks and forces Barcelona to intervene

The discomfort inside Barcelona with an attitude of Rafa Márquez continue on. A few days ago the strange words the Spaniard posted in his social network made the news, precisely a few hours after the team was disappointed. Wish Hernández along with Granada in League, when he wrote a clear report about a new casino in his country, Mexico. Now, after the criticism and warning from the club, the special coach of the team did not care and repeated the game.

It was only four days since his last trading session. Before it was the words of his X profile and now, what has caused discomfort in the Blaugrana leadership, has made another announcement, this one from him stories on his Instagram profile. Rafa Márquez He ignored the first call for his first message and raised complaints and criticism after this second message, so much so that the club is considering taking action on this because he expected a conflict.

“Today we suspend the ball, because the ovoid will be the protagonist! Yes, the Super Bowl is playing today and the idea is in your hands. The difference is red hot from Apuestaganamx. Enter now . (Only for +18), “Rafa Márquez published at the time about the Mexican betting house Apuestaganamx. Now, despite the warning, it is again doing business and from those Barcelona There is such indignation that they have put the problem in the hands of the Department compliance for the conflict of interest supporting the betting company.

In the club there is a sport to enjoy Márquez, happy with their work in the subsidiary and how they do things so far in strict sports terms. They didn’t like some of his comments after posting on Wish Hernández that he will leave the club, run to work. In fact, given the financial details that the Barcelona This time, the road goes on Márquez It is true in the case decided to end the Catalan stage early.

But the promotion and promotion with the Mexican betting house Apuestaganamx he didn’t like it at all Barcelonamainly because of the role he now plays Márquez in the club, as an example for La Masía as a coach of the highest echelon in it and because it is also part of the training and education of the young players their self This advertising campaign is far from the main thing that the club culé seeks to represent.

It was in the last few hours when Rafa Márquez has decided on this issue and has removed all signs of this publication from his relations, possibly alerted by this step from Barcelona that seeks to give light This problem is in the hands of the department. Follow up because of the conflict of interest, supporting the company’s gambling house while he is the coach of the football team, in this case, the organization of the company. Barcelona.

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