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In an important event for the global Internet community, Sergio Salinas Portothe president of the Association of Internet Users of Argentina and the model representative of the Computing Guild Association (AGC) in Mar del Plata, participated 78th meeting of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), held in the city of Hamburg.

The representative of the city played an important role in the discussion that addressed the important issues for the global Internet community. There is a debate, for example, about the Universal Accept, an important principle to ensure that all people have equal access to the Internet worldwide.

Also, it has been reviewed ICANN Five Year Action Plan, important information that will guide the organization’s actions in the coming year.

Porto 3

One of the main points of the discussion is that cybersecurity, especially related to Domain Name System (DNS) abuse. Salinas Porto provided insights and insights from the Latin American and Caribbean region, thus contributing to the development of strategies to address this growing challenge in the cybersecurity industry.

The 78th ICANN Meeting in Hamburg served as a platform to promote international cooperation and define strategies to make the Internet more open, secure and accessible to all.

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