Man kidnapped after meeting with woman he met online in Restinga Sêca | Radio Studio 87.7 FM

A man stole his car early Friday, the 3rd, in Restinga Sêca, in the central region of the state. The victim, whose identity has not been disclosed, had arranged to meet with a woman on social media in a business in São Miguel, in the interior of the city.

According to the case file of the Armed Forces, the woman, from Viamão, arrived with a child and in the company of three men. After drinking something, the victim got into the car with his wife and child to go to the city.

In the street, the victim saw that the men were armed because he heard a gun. That’s when he decided to stop in the community of Lomba Alta, on the banks of the ERS 149, with the excuse that he had to urinate. At that time he fled and the car was stolen.

The Air Force has been notified of the crime and is still investigating to find the vehicle and the perpetrators.

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