Luis Abinader announced the decree 1-24 of the state announcement

President Luis Abinader Sign up for one the law as well as it restricts the types of government advertisements that can be placed, establishes standards for hiring and other restrictions.

With the order manager No. 1-24The administrator is prohibited from including voice, image or other personal use that impersonates or separates public employees, or refers to the accomplishment of this administration or the type mission accomplished.

It also prohibits the use of official media for advertising or promoting politicians or candidates, political or not.

They are just promoted or hired organizational plan of advertising and communication when they have set goals.

Among them, promote the dissemination and awareness of laws and principles; tell the public of their rights and responsibilities, of the impact of the work of the organizations publicconditions of access and use of public facilities and services, and informing the public of the existence of administrative procedures or popular discussions.

The same expenses

He spokesperson of the President, Homero Figueroa, said not needed the reduction in spending or the development of the budget in “communication because” we use it well.

“There will be no need to renovate because it has worked well as I have proven with the picture I shared for the completion of 2023,” he said.

3,594 eachMany millions

is the government’s spending on “communication” in 2023 that ended

He also answered to the against who has criticized the big spending state announcement support the image of the president. He said the money was made in communication At the time of 2023 it is 3,594,417,516.30 pesos and it cannot follow the approved picture, because it is more.

Figueroa is sure that those small businesses People who depend on the advertising that the government puts in their digital media will not be negatively affected and the money will be enough for big, medium and small owners.


However, all contracts must establish a way to verify compliance with the regulations. For these purposes, the Statistics on the platforms newsnot only created by themselves.

Maybe it will interest you

Information should also be presented on the target audience and the audience reached, the geographical and demographic reach and the cost per impact.


President Abinader describes as one straitjacket the offer, which he thinks that the public money is respected.

  • “I know it’s strange because it’s a coat that we put on ourselves in one election year. But it’s a different election year, so we’ve sent a lot of messages that here we have to respect the resources of the government and that should not be used for the election,” Governor Abinader said.

He explained that this the law He is talking about four months and the agreement was reached a few days before the end of 2024.


Contract agencies, when evaluating different media, will consider thing for respect for equality and fair competition, including geographical areas: international, national, regional, state or city.

For these purposes, the Director of Government Policy and Communication will determine the size of the audience, based on the type of news and the type of program content.


He the president advise the public schools to reduce the publication of advertisements to the necessary as the public services provided and with the special compliance of the Organic Law of the Electoral Regime, with the message instructions or regulations issued by the Central Electoral Board (JCE).

General Director of Public Procurement, Carlos Pimentelis the one that sets the requirements that organizations must fulfill to meet the advertising contract.

In the case mentioned above, the use of official advertising for public purposes is prohibited. advertising or supporting political parties or candidates, political or not, with the use of advertising that has an electoral purpose as its object or effect, except for the purpose of disclosure the achievements in the framework of the time accountable before the Congress. National.

Director General of Public Procurement (DGCP) and Government Policy and Communications (Diecom) will verify compliance and, within a period of six months, will prepare a request for a general regulation of advertising official.

Bill 1-24 provokes media protests

The president of the Dominican Newspaper Society (SDD), Persio Maldonado Sánchez, decided that the government has the freedom to fix its debt in the regulations. “The government, because of the same constituency, will want to take care to ensure that excessive publicity is not used outside the country’s responsibility and, therefore, we will not have any opposition to what appears try.” Maldonado said that the government should control the advertising that the State’s activities should be announced and provide services to the population.

When commenting on the provisions of article 7 of the constitution that refers to the social participation of all the media, Maldonado Sánchez said that the instructions must be fair at all times , because the communication should be free and reach the largest Dominicans. The head of the Dominican Newspaper Society maintained that “freedom needs communication and communication is freedom. However, Ricardo Ginebra, president of the Dominican Association of Commercial Communication Companies (ADECC) found that there are problems in the implementation and maintenance of “Effectiveness. of the law will often depend on its implementation and maintenance, which can represent a significant challenge, especially in the implementation of the law. This requires free access to information, online, for the media and the public, in detail,” he also said that there may be restrictions on government communications.

Journalist and writer graduated from UASD with work in television news and various print media.

Dominican journalist and publisher, graduated from UASD. Covering the foundations of the National Congress and Politics for Diario Libre. He also worked for the newspapers Listín Diario and El Nuevo Diario.

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