LinkedIn empowers professional connections with new AI-powered features

LinkedIn, a major social media expert, ushers in a new era in dating and recruiting with advanced advertising features powered by artificial intelligence (AI). These innovations promise to facilitate important activities such as networking, job search and content sharing, all aimed at the professional development of their people. used.

Vision into the future with AI

With a clear vision since its creation, LinkedIn has set out to create a business for every member of the global workforce. In 2023, revolutionary changes in AI present the potential to accelerate this process. However, the use of AI is not new territory for LinkedIn, which has used this technology to enhance its members’ experience, from enhancing connections to boosting productivity. and succeed in their work.

Innovation in Professional Networking

Network Tab Renewal

LinkedIn’s “Network” tab has been redesigned, including two main sections powered by AI algorithms: “Grow” and “Catch Up.” The “Grow” section provides personal tips for expanding networks and finding contacts, while “Catch Up” invites users to reconnect with others based on new events such as job changes and birthday.

Premium Intro Messages with AI

Additionally, LinkedIn is launching a new feature that helps users write introductions. This function creates a script using data from two user profiles, which can be edited later. To know more about this new feature, users can visit the announcement on the official page.

Principles of Responsible Use of AI

LinkedIn’s commitment to a trusted platform requires the use of AI. Inspired by Microsoft’s leadership in Responsible AI, LinkedIn outlines the Responsible AI Principles that guide its work:

  • Advance Economic Opportunity: AI is the tool to drive LinkedIn’s vision, empower members and boost their success and productivity.
  • Managing Beliefs: Privacy, security and safety guide LinkedIn uses AI, taking important steps to reduce risks.
  • Promoting Equity and Inclusion: We work to ensure that the use of AI benefits all members, without causing or promoting injustice.
  • Provide Transparency: Understanding AI starts with transparency, explaining clearly and simply how it affects people.
  • Do Responsibilities: Powerful AI management is implemented, including monitoring and mitigation of damage, keeping people in charge and accountable.

LinkedIn is committed to listening and learning how AI can continue to be a powerful business tool for everyone, leading the way to connecting and leveraging the future of technology. , supported by consciousness and the role of technological progress.

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