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Lisandro ‘Licha’ Navarro He is one of 11 people who are still participating Brotherbut this week, A decision was made to reject the discussion from the followers of the reality show.

The truth is that, in the gathering of the group, the unity and the ideas of all the participants, it is true that Licha and Fury are not compatible and they are looking for a way to not cause problems for each other.

Thursday night, after the end FrozenLicha went into the kitchen and with part of her group He steals and eats the sweets left by Georgina, Furia’s sister. called Coy, above the partner’s bed.

He even justified his actions by revealing “he who is not there, is not there”And opened one of the chocolates, while his partner ate other sweets, among which there were also alfajores.

This action too The behavior of the participant has created a rejection of the networkswhere the fans of the different contestants expressed their anger and raised a coalition so that Licha would be the next one to vote her out of the house.

The meeting between Furia and her sister Coy

“Hello darling! Bring it on”was the first word that Juliana Scaglione’s sister uttered when she entered the house with great force. Brother

When the participant cried, his sister told him: “I’m so glad you’re here. You are magic, you are beautiful, you are strong, you are brave, you are strong, you are amazing. You are everything that is good. I love you, I respect you, I respect you. Thank you thank you. “

“You are so beautiful… You are a wonderful sister. You are the light, your strength… I love you. “I’m going to go around your house,” the woman continued as she walked through the real theater with the rare prints in front of the younger siblings.

The “spell” that Fury’s sister did during Frozen

A few minutes before leaving the house and after experiencing a moving moment with her sister, Georgina stood near the patio door and in front of the rest of the players played the role of the door. Artemis Bow.

This image, according to experts in esotericism, has a deep spiritual meaning. In Greek culture, his image is associated with hunting, nature and the protection of young women.

Although it is also believed that this problem indicates spiritual protection as well He advocates protection against evil forces. According to believers, this picture also shows the ability to face new challenges with courage.

In addition to spiritual protection, this behavior that leads a woman to shoot an arrow with a bow, has physical benefits. It is best for stretching the back, opening the chest, strengthening the back muscles and improving the spine. That is why it is popular in Yoga.

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