Kayky Brito returns to social media to express the situation: ‘Sensitive’

About five months after the incident that almost took her life, actress Kayky Brito took to Instagram stories to come out

About five months after the incident that almost took his life, the actor Kayky Brito It is on Instagram stories to come out. According to him, after the incident, he was more understanding.

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Photo: Marcia Piovesan

“I’m recording this video to say, if you need help, talk to someone. Don’t let this time pass and do something good for you, something that changes your life lighter.”he started.

And he added: “I say this because, before the accident, I was always a person who was happy with life. I even said: ‘Why are you not happy with life? Life is good and live a great life’. And it really is!

“But, after the fact, I managed to understand more than it seems that wherever I walk, there is a hole in front of me. I know that this is the time that everyone goes through after experiencing an unexpected situation.”he thought about it.

Kayke says: “So, talk to someone. Be strong, be good. Because in life everything passes… The good and the bad will happen every day and it’s up to us to know what to do what’s up with him. Take care of yourself!”.


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