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Jessica Cediel is one of the most recognizable faces in Colombian television. The communicator stood out for his ability in front of the camera and his versatility as a presenter.

Although he has not been seen in production playing the role of host for a long time, the people of Bogota have not been far from himself on camera. Now, he is on the other side of the block as a participant in the reality show ‘Hoy Día Bailamos’ from Telemundo.

It was there that he surprised the jurors with a dance performance, move their hips to the rhythm of the legend ‘Shakira’, in the song ‘Ojos asi’, recognized for its Arabic voice.

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As always, the model shared some moments of her internship on social media with a clip of the final presentation, to show a little of the process involved in the routine and the preparation of the choreographies. A time when few are praised and other people can criticize it.

“Today my dream has come true. Ugh and what has it cost me. All you can do is thank God! Thank you for your life for this amazing process,” he wrote in the description of the video on his Instagram account.

After posting a short video in which he appeared to repeat the hip movements so characteristic of the Barranquilla native in the living room of his house with the final appearance together with his dance partner in the show, Patricio Quiñones, the journalist is the target of criticism. only for his dancing skills, but also for the Christian work he professes, which, for some, “does not follow what he does.”

“And praise? That is, today she sings and tomorrow? Oh, no, it’s really different. This girl’s wires are crossed”; “These are not things from God”; “If there is something, God. cannot be criticized, may the Lord have mercy on his soul”; “He is a Christian, not a brother. Here the people who criticize the most are the believers of their God”; “Maybe believing in God should make you a saint. It makes you free,” are some of the most notable ideas.

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How did the presenter respond?

Faced with criticism about his faith and his work, the Colombian, who now lives in the United States, He doesn’t hesitate to speak up and share what he thinks about her.

Through his stories on the Meta network, he said that he had the opportunity to read “bad thoughts” that he considered free, because these do not define the relationship he has with his work or the faith of his faith.

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“I am not in my power, I am in the power of the Pope God (…) My relationship with him, my praise and my prayer have not changed, he is still in all days of life. That I do not tell them is different. When one is in the grace of God, that is obvious, my people, and the person who wants to judge, laugh and point, then let him do it, I’m not the judge,” said Cediel.

Finally, he noted that he is very happy with his current job: “I am happy, work, study, collect bills, focus on and my family is good, I mean, I don’t have to will be bad.”


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