Jean Ferrari rejects abuse in relationships: “It is a very dangerous weapon”

The interim president of University of Sports (‘U’), Jean Ferrarideny that violence on social networks and assured that it was “a very dangerous weapon.”

In a statement to the press, the director ‘merengue’ points out that the The Ate team manages its network management and said that fans have the right to express themselves, but these posts have consequences.

“The problem of networks is a very dangerous weapon because what can be written can be interpreted in many ways. We must control and we will return from the problem of control respect network. Fans have the freedom to express themselves but they also have. to see the results that come when you post something,” he said.

Likewise, Ferrari shares that have communication with Lima Alliance and that, despite the competition between the two organizations, He said football is not war.

“We have had communication with the people of Alianza, it is true that there is a competition that can sometimes be misinterpreted as a war but this is not a war, this is a sport. On the field you win and on the field you lose, “Our leaders do not play, and do not make bars. We will work together, we have already taken the first step, the joint message and today we are here together,” he added.

Paolo Guerrero was there

If it’s not loud, get up

He government of In Boluarte have made that appointment Public access is not allowed. for the next competition based on local University of Sports and Alianza Lima for the Apertura Competition of League 1.

This was announced by the president Alberto Otrola: do you want more followers?who explained that the aforementioned measures will be applied to the competitions scheduled for the future Sunday, February 25 and Friday, March 1. On this day, ‘blue and white’ will face United Merchants; when ‘cream’, Sports Huancayo.

“The decision was made that both on Friday, March 1, when ‘U’ played with Sport Huancayo, and on Sunday, February 25, when Alianza played at home with Comerciantes Unidos, public access will not be allowed to the area. “north and south, which are the holders of this group,” announced the president of the Council of Ministers.


After the disqualification of the popular tribunes for, Jean Ferrari Point to that University of Sports control you management of social networksbecause I think they are one dangerous weapons to create chaos.

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