Janitor’s daughter overcomes the lack of internet and changes twice and passes the drug in the United States

Thainá Araújo Barros is recommended in medicine

Thainá Araújo Barros is recommended in medicine

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The life of 18-year-old Thainá Araújo Barros has never been easy. The young woman always had a few resources, after all, she and her family only lived on R$ 1,900 from her husband’s pension, the agent Raimundo da Silva Carrilho . He overcame the lack of Internet at the beginning of the epidemic and the double change of work and education, but managed to get a place to fulfill his big dreams: studying medicine at the Government University of Acre.

Thainá has been passionate about education since she was little. The father said that the girl took books from the library of the public school where she studied, in a peripheral area of ​​Taquari, in Rio Branco, to improve her reading. With his father, who was a grandfather, he sometimes confided that he wanted to go to Colégio Acreano, where he managed to get a friend to teach him. From there, he entered the Federal School of Acre (Ifac), where he finished high school.

Right at the beginning of the year 2020, covid-19 spread everywhere, and teaching is done remotely. The student still does not have Wi-Fi can follow the classes, but thanks to the emergency service and permanent service, he can use the internet in his home.

Already thinking about studying medicine in the federal government, which was his only option due to his family’s low income, Thainá realized that the gaps he had in his classes could affect the layers standard, and looking to prepare for the National High School Exam (Ib).

Raimundo da Silva Carrilho is proud of his daughter's success

Raimundo da Silva Carrilho is proud of his daughter’s success

Photo: Personal Archive

“It is a relationship that is owned by the medical students themselves here at the Federal University of Acre. Since it is online, I can follow. But, in three years, we go back to the face, and there is no way I will study at night, because I live in a peripheral community and the federal agency of Acre in side of the city”, he explained.

To get there, he had to take two buses, which took about 2 hours there and back. As he could not walk to the course, Thainá chose to do it himself and online, because others near his house were too expensive. The registration fee is shared with other people. Therefore, the young woman attended high school classes in the morning, worked in the afternoon to pay her tuition, and returned to ‘class’ at night.

“I worked in the afternoon to have money to support myself, study, pay for the online course, and support Ifac, food, and buy everything I need,” he said. Holidays? There is no way. I also use this time to do simulations and follow the equipment. “My preparation is important. Online education, YouTube and face and courage”, he said with a laugh.

Think about the future

Saying that Thainá has worked hard and got the job will make the eyes of those who want to succeed like a young girl shine, but what almost no one sees is that, perhaps, it is exception to the rule. Wherever you are, it is common for people to give up on their dreams and fall into crime, many of them because they want something to eat.

“Look at the perspective, I come from a humble family, so I am the first person to enter the government, and in the medical department, I don’t have a doctor in my family. He believes that your research will bear fruit in an environment where you see many people fall into crime, because of the circumstances that life brings, it is very difficult,” he said.

Thainá bet everything he had to go to college. He often feels incompetent, when he looks at his competitors, and the life that they have a better education, and compete for the same place, even if he can pay for private school .

“I had to try ten more times. We are disappointed in this way, right? You think you won’t make it, you won’t make the grade, and it’s an impossible dream. “

When signing the Joint Elections (Sisu), at the beginning of 2023, he found that, almost 700 points in total and 940 in the written, it will not be enough. Therefore, he chose the law, and completed a period of study. In the middle of the year, even though he didn’t really believe it, he decided to try medicine one more time. Thainá managed to take the course that he dreamed of calling third.

“I saw Law as an opportunity for financial security so that I could study, but I did not give up on my dream. (…) There is still a long way to go. And you know that this is a process succeed in your own efforts. I have already said that I do not want my story in the media. I want more people who, like me, have taken the places that belong to them, ” he said.

Thainá managed to win a stage, and said that he was not better than the people he came from, but he felt indebted to them. Therefore, his goal is to graduate, and bring better health and care to the community. For retirees, this is all the satisfaction.

“I am very happy. I am retired, my salary is small, and I am sick, is my wife, but thank God, where is she. Thank God. It will be like we live,” he concluded.

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