It is a drum. It is quantum. And it could change the Internet as we know it

Danish scientists have introduced their new invention: the quantum drum. This kind of simplicity can change the way the Internet works in the future, allowing for faster speeds and, more importantly, network security.

Even if you are interested in the world of technology, you have heard about quantum computers or quantum computing for some time now.

This machine is set to revolutionize the world of computing, something that has been heralded for some time now. However, his work can go on.

Apart from the computers that work using this technology, it is also possible to talk about the quantum Internet, or at least one that will work equally well thanks to it.. Something that some researchers from the University of Copenhagen have just revealed to the world can be important, and its potential can change the world of communication.

The quantum drum that can change the Internet

As much as the discoveries in intelligence often make the headlines, there are many advances that have been made in the year 2024. And if it is worth choosing one that has the potential to be useful Really good, we’ll have to see. to a technology: quantum.

Often, there is a discussion about how powerful computers are, and the fact that sooner or later they will end up replacing the equipment that most of us currently have at home. Is that so? Well done for able to do a large amount of calculations simultaneously.

That is, to have computers that are faster and more reliable than the ones that are available now. Big names like IBM or Google are sure that they are betting heavily on this technology, like other specialized companies. However, The so-called “quantum revolution” may also reach the Internet. And thanks a lot to the little device called the quantum drum.

It was developed by researchers at the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen, and thanks to him we can have faster and more secure Internet in the future. As they themselves shared, this invention can store the data permanently in a form of audio memory before sending it forward using a laser.

How the quantum drum can change everything on the Internet

The world of quantum possibilities

Although quantum technology can change the world of computing in many ways, one of the most promising areas for experts is providing Internet security.

In fact, many experts have referred to the possibility as “quantum telecommunications.” The same thing happens with quantum computing.

What is a quantum computer actually used for?

Thanks to his methods, This communication will be able to allow the security of information using quantum principles, which can make all types of communication more secure and create insights like quantum Internet., which will protect the relevant information. In this way, many current cybersecurity threats will be avoided.

And, however, sometimes thinking that the Internet does not change, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the prediction for it is the most important, as its creator, Tim Berners-Lee, recently predicted, and almost all of them involve AI, of course.

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