IT Exam | Dinky, the small asteroid that has its own moon

The discovery of the Lucy probe is, technically speaking, a binary asteroid pair: a small asteroid that has another asteroid in its orbit. Dinky, who is called Dinkinesh, and his moon were seen during a flyby by Lucy. “A binary has potential. But we don’t think it’s that cool,” said Jessica Sunshine, a geologist at the University of Maryland.

The team does not expect to make any discoveries with this flyby, as the operation is planned as a test before going to the actual flight to better explore the Trojan asteroids, in orbit around the Sun and close to Jupiter. Scientists wanted to know if Lucy could track very fast moving objects and concluded that she could.

Regarding Dinky and its moon, NASA has already released some images to the public and hopes to do a full investigation as soon as it receives more information. At this stage, only a third of the collected data has been sent to our world, warn the Engadget.

Hal Levinson, a scientist at the Southwest Research Institute and director of the Luxy mission, confirmed that more images will be released and that the image of the second star is “really strange” . Scientists estimate that about 15% of near-Earth stars have small stars with them.

Lucy will continue her mission and should contact the Jupiter Trojans in 2025.

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