Israel cuts off phone and internet again in Gaza

President of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahuhas repeatedly denied the possibility of a decision until Hamas do not release more than 240 prisoners who are inside Gaza. Israel continues its attacks in the Strip and more than 9,700 people have died since the beginning of the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

A total of 24 trucks with humanitarian aid entered Gaza this Sunday through the Rafah border crossing, although the crossing remained closed to evacuate injured Gazans and foreigners for days second consecutive. The Gaza Health Ministry said the Israeli army had bomb tonight Al Magazi refugee camp. The attack killed 51 people, mostly children and women, and injured around 100. In addition, the Israeli nation suspended its Minister of Heritage after he admitted that the government is considering creating”nuclear bomb“one Gaza.

The Israeli army announced early this Sunday that it will evacuate civilians from the Gaza Strip four hours to the south.

Likewise, he declared that has attacked 2,500 targets of the Islamist group Hamas since it began its ground offensive into the Gaza Strip last week. The report added that the soldiers are still shooting”bad people“in hand-to-hand combat and said the Air Force was fighting the process Hamasweapons depots, observation posts and command and control centers of the Islamist groups in the Gaza Strip.

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