Is a solar superstorm breaking the Internet? The scientist confirmed it

Those increase solar activity is a threat to Internet. Solar storms, which are caused by the sun, can send a lot of energy to the earth. This energy can be destructive optical fiber which carries the network, which can lead to online electricity.

This will be a disaster for the global economy, because the Internet is important for many businesses and finances. The teacher Peter Becker from George Mason University is director a project to create an early warning system that was catch the solar storm. This process can help businesses and governments prepare for online power generation.

It is important that we develop systems to detect and mitigate storm surges to protect our critical systems.

What is a solar storm?

Las solar storm is caused by solar flares, that is plasma explosion and the radiation that occurs from the sun. solar flares They can release a lot of energy and material into space, and if this material goes to Earth, they can cause a solar storm.

A solar storm can have many effects on Earth, including:

  • Interference in satellite and radio communications.
  • Damage to electronics, which can cause blindness.
  • Deterioration of the power distribution network.
  • Effects of navigation and positioning.
  • Increased radiation in the air, which can increase the risk of cancer.

Solar storms can cause damage to electrical infrastructure, satellites, fiber optic cables, navigation and GPS systems, radio transmitters, and communication equipment.

Solar storms can cause damage to satellites, which can disrupt critical services such as communications and navigation.

How long is the solar cycle?

The solar cycle, which occurs every 11 years, has reached its end. This means that solar storms, which are caused by the sun, will be more frequent and more intense.

Scientists have studied tree rings and ice cores to study past solar storms. They have discovered evidence of storms larger than those we have experienced in the past centuries.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has estimated that this solar cycle will now increase and will peak in 2024. This means we will have more storms in the next few years.

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