iPhone: a vulnerability in iOS 17 allows attacks to use Flipper Zero

Os iPhones com iOS 17 There is a new vulnerability discovered. As reported by Jeroen van der Hamresearcher of Infosecequipment may have problems in their work caused by users a Flipper Zero.

According to the man, he saw the incident while traveling by train in the Netherlands. In this sense, your Apple device starts displaying Apple TV connection notifications, as well as restarting itself. Not even Apple’s Lockdown mode works and the problem only ends when he leaves the wagon.

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The same situation was repeated with Vender Ham, along with other people. But, he realized that this decision was made for the young man who was working on his book. The researcher also found that the “prankster” is present in Flipper Zero.

For those who do not know, it is a variety of radios that support Wi-Fi, RFID, NFC and Bluetooth protocols, as well as the operation of radio frequencies. At $200, it can be a cheaper alternative to more expensive equipment used to measure radio content.

These things, however, can still be used by the wrong hands to clone hotel keys or steal credit cards. On his own, van der Ham even conducted experiments with the product and one of his customized software. Therefore, he was able to reproduce the attack he suffered on the train.

It is worth noting that Flipper Zero can take advantage of iPhones with iOS 17, but it can work against mobile phones and Windows PCs. Even if you can’t access the device, the situation can still be affected, so check these solutions:

  • iPhone: Turn off Bluetooth
  • Android: Disable Nearby Share Notifications
  • Windows: Uncheck the option to show notifications connected to Swift Pair.

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