Interviews: new ways for companies to connect with young people

Las new generation was found in Social media is an effective tool to introduce yourself and get products and services. Thus, today, networks have become an important means of communication between consumers, and products and Young people spend most of their time browsing different platforms, which allows them to know about the latest trends and news.

According to the Digital News Report Spain of 2023, most young people receive information from non-news platforms. In fact, those 56% reported that they use social networks to consume news. Also, it should be noted that a A recent study published by America Retail go one step further, show that 80% of Generation Z read news on TikTok and 43% search for products on this platform.

Anyway, whatever It represents time for many names, give that They create direct partnerships with their customers, It is a risk for traditional media, which loses power in front of the audience that is the key to increase their advertising budget. In this situation, Multimarkts provides three keys that the media should take into account to solve the problems they face with this audience.

User experience

One of the the most difficult the met by the publishers is to hold the satisfaction of users and get them to visit the medium or its purpose of repetition. At this time, the quality of the user experience (or UX) is important that the advertising content does not represent an obstacle to reading.

In recent years, a large number of brands have become popular that allow the media to collect income but that does not satisfy the end user.. “The important thing is that the content is relevant and not distracting to the user,” introduced by Multimarkts.

“The young audience is more important for this, because they have grown up in a digital environment and they work in it like fish in water, They know what they want and what affects them when they consult the content. Therefore, it is very important that the media takes care of this. ”

Making good money

In addition, in order to monetize their web platform, media and companies should focus on providing epersonal awareness and impact on younger users. This means use advanced technologies analyze the information about the user behavior and provide content that suits your interests and preferences.

In the special case of Media outlets must explore new ways to make moneysuch as promotional content, digital subscriptions and the best user experience, but also identify effective and different types of advertising, with new and relevant models as well as measuring impact impact

Full funnel

Another important problem that the media and publishing platform faces is su limit the ability to provide a “full funnel” for brands that want to reach their target audience in all purchasing stages. tradition, The media is focused on the top of the funnelyes, in create no name and decision making, too Advertising is no longer the same.

In this view, Multimarkts advocates gather a place where advertising, media content and networks unite and share the needs of the brand to reach generation Z. “Users can be inspired by advertisements or images on the news and, thanks to this, buy related products and services on semi personal website. In this way, there is a direct purchase and the distance of conversion is short. “

This can be done thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, that identify and provide the best content, adapted to all visitors, and new models such as retail stores that can be integrated into one platform or website.

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