Internet Service Providers (ISPs) ask for transparency on community boards

In the dialogue between the government and the Internet Service Provider (ISP) that penetrates deep in Colombia, a lot of good news has been created for the project. But, also, the voice of the request raised by Ana María Martínez, president of the ISP company, was heard. The request must be accompanied by a government order Provide resources to community boards to bring the internet to their communities.

Martínez said “There is a law from the board of society that says any non-profit can provide a connection and become an ISP, according to the Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies ,” Martínez confirmed. Next, he said that the ministry should solve the law vis-à-vis ISP operators, to avoid disadvantages for small internet service providers vis-à -vis the community leaders.

The minister mentioned, however, the character of the dialogue and relationship that the Ministry of Mauricio Lizcano has managed with the ISPs. He said, in years, there has not been a government that has taken care of their needs.

“We have tentwelve years fighting for a place, that we are making a country. All ISPs, all rural telecommunications workers, were born at that time because of the need for a large operator not to arrive and how we connect,” said the president of the ISP union .

On the other hand, Martínez invited ISP service providers to participate in the next conference that will be held every half year in Santa Marta. He said that they should “be on the radar” so that they can use the different services and competitions offered by ICT Ministry, such as Development and Findeter projects.

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