Internet providers should be more transparent about prices and fees, the FCC says

This image provided by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) shows part of a label for broadband internet users. Much like the menu of food, there will soon be “broadband labels” that will tell American consumers what is included in the price they pay for the service. (Photo: AP/FCC)

Much like the nutritional information of food products, “general labels” for packages on the Internet will soon inform consumers about the costs of their Chinese services. with, thanks to the new rules received by the Federal Communications Commission from the United States a few days ago.

“If you’ve ever purchased an internet package for your home or mobile device, you know how difficult it is to understand what you’re really paying for,” said Jon Donenberg, director of the White House National Economic Council, said in a letter to reporters. of home or phone services before they sign anything.”

Similar in design to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) nutrition labels, this comprehensive guide will provide easy-to-understand and accurate information about the cost and effectiveness of Internet services to help customers avoid taxes with hidden fees, price increases and other unexpected fees.

Internet service providers that sell home or mobile broadband plans must have a label on each plan starting April 10.

These labels must be displayed at all points of sale, whether online or in stores, and sellers must publish information on all prices, including ticket prices. , data capacity and broadband speed. Articles should include links to information about network administration and privacy policies.

Here’s what you need to know:


Hidden fees and inflated prices have plagued consumers looking for Internet services for years, and President Joe Biden’s administration has implemented strict measures to prevent so-called “charges wrong” (false standards and fraud in various industries – including business, hospitality). , airlines, public services and telecommunications services – for many years.

In a phone call last week, an FCC spokesman clarified that the text “cannot be hidden in a way that requires multiple mouse clicks to find them” or hidden to in a way that customers will not see them.

“The costs can make it difficult to understand the true cost of internet planning,” Donenberg said, adding that the agency is committed to eliminating the inflated costs that some departments Company including the fees.

What information will each name include?

1. Monthly price and duration of the contract.

2. If the price will change after a certain time and how much.

3. Complete monthly and one-time payments, and early termination fees.

4. If the company participates in the Affiliate Service, and a link to check whether the customer meets the requirements to get the right benefits.

5. “Control” speed to download and upload files, and network latency.

6. Do not use data and charge more than the limit.

7. Link to network management (such as zero-rating and content blocking) and privacy policies.

What if I don’t understand something on the list?

A glossary is available to help customers better understand the registration information.

What if the supplier does not include the LABEL?

If a provider ignores its labels or publishes incorrect information about its prices or service plans, consumers can file a complaint with the FCC’s Consumer Complaint Center.

When can these rights be affected?

While many service providers will begin filing their forms in April, some companies with fewer than 100,000 customers will have until October 10, 2024 to comply. new rules set forth by the FCC.

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