Internet insurance debuts in Chile to reduce service disruptions – G5noticias

Internet insurance debuts in Chile to reduce service disruptions – G5noticias

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There is nothing worse for business than an unstable Internet that does not deliver security to customers and disrupts internal processes or with potential partners. The theft, large electricity and other long-term led to the emergence of a new country: Internet insurance.

Already available and recently launched, NetAir Zero by Netline allows you to ensure a backup connection for those who have more than one fiber connection, with the ability to replace one any of them with this backup, or for those who already have a key link.

Advantages of NetAir Zero

It is a Dedicated Wireless Internet connection service, which is enabled only when the user, in this case a company, defines it, allowing the expenses to be managed in the best way. It replaces a fiber connection at the same fixed price, which can be up to 20% lower, with a really good Uptime guarantee, from a 100% different guarantee way more than what you already have.

If the user needs it, there is an alarm via SMS or email to notify of the use of more than 1MB / day of use. Connection speed can vary, depending on the situation, from 100Mbps to 10Gbps.

“Having a stable and fast connection, whether primary or secondary, can be the difference in the competitive edge for any company, regardless of size, and considering the circumstances different that in recent times has affected people who have the Internet all the time. By using the phone, NetAir Zero can solve these problems, respond effectively to all situations seen again,” said Víctor Opazo Carvallo, Chief Executive Officer of Netline.

“Most importantly, when it comes to SMEs and start-up businesses, being able to have Internet insurance, which guarantees connectivity in the event of an accident, can be a game-changer improve the economy, guarantee productivity.” the director of Netline.

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