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The provider of VPN Surfshark has researched monthly uptime whichIt is required in many countries to pay for internet connection with commercial broadband.

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For this study, they selected 121 countries and, in the end, a list of 15 countries was compiled that gives an idea of ​​the differences and differences that exist between half of the four countries.

In order, from shortest to longest working time, are the following countries:

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1. Romania: They have to work 18 minutes to pay the price.

2. Japan: 26 minutes work.

3. Germany: 35 minutes work.

4. United States of America: 51 minutes work.

5. Spain: 1 hour and 22 minutes work.

6. New Zealand: an hour and 25 minutes of work.

7. Colombia: one hour and 26 minutes of work.

8. South Africa: an hour and 43 minutes of work.

9. Greece: three hours and 42 minutes of work.

10. Mexico: four hours and 3 minutes work.

11. Brazil: 5 hours and 33 minutes of work.

12. Philippines: 10 hours and 5 minutes work.

13. El Salvador: 13 hours and 44 minutes of work.

14. Nigeria: 35 hours and 25 minutes work.

15. Zimbabwe: 72 hours and 39 minutes of work.

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Connectivity in rural areas

Connectivity in rural areas


Thus, in many European countries, workers can easily afford an internet connection, while in countries like Zimbabwe, having internet can be considered a luxury. It also means it is one of the areas with the worst broadband connection.

Accordingly Observations have been made in research, in many countries there are high costs for poor services, causing damage to the pocket.

In addition, this study shows that in many countries in Latin America and Africa there is little infrastructure and poor access to the internet. This automatically translates into higher prices.

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However, Especially in Latin America, it has been found that Salvadorans have the worst access to the internet, while Colombia will be the economy with the cheapest internet price in the region.

Precisely, in the country work is done to ensure that the distribution of services is wide and monopolies are completely removed, guaranteeing more freedom to access the Internet.

At last, The results show that Romania will be the European country with the cheapest internet, with a price equal to 18 minutes of work.

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