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The Internet has become an essential service for years and can be compared to electricity or drinking water. People who still do not have access are removed from the needs of daily life, such as communities in the Amazon region.

Infovia 03 arrives in Breves, in Marajó. This is another phase of the Federal Project Norte Conectado, by the Ministry of Communications, the Brazilian Army and Anatel.

These projects include the operation of high-speed internet, with more than 620 km of fiber optic cables submerged in the Amazon river, which began on March 11, leaving Belém (PA); through the town of Marajó Island to Macapá (AP).

For 26 days, the platform will lay fiber optic cables that will be submerged in the Amazon river, in one of the largest connectivity projects in the world.

The investment is R$ 98 million, benefiting more than 2.5 million residents. The first plan is to bring the internet to 38 schools, five health departments, three justice forums, three defense points and two research centers. The infovia will start connecting the two cities, crossing the city of Pará between São Sebastião da Boa Vista, Curralinho, Bagre and Breves. In the second phase, Ponta de Pedras and Afuá will be connected.

the digital way

Infovia 03 is the second of the state of Pará, in August last year, President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Minister Juscelino Filho opened Infovia 01 in Santarém (PA), which connects the city to Manaus (AM) , in addition to. to nine towns, five of which are in Pará: Curuá, Óbidos, Oriximiná, Juruti and Terra Santa. The others, Parintins, Urucurituba, Itacoatiara and Autazes, are in the state of Amazonas.

In total, 28 infovias will be available in the country. The goal of the initiative is to improve the information capacity and general capacity in cities that are difficult to access. Also known as “digital road”, infovias has a total investment of R$ 1.9 billion from the New PAC (Growth Acceleration Program). The funding comes from the General Budget of the Union, the Ministry of Communications and Science, Technology and Innovations, the National Fund for Scientific and Technological Development (FNDCT) and the 5G Auction.

Infovias allows data to be loaded faster and more efficiently in different areas. They will promote the connection of public facilities, such as research centers, hospitals, schools, bodies of Justice, the Army and, at the same time, will allow private businesses, by phone users, support business, support business. development in these areas.

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Each infoway is made of cables made of 24 pairs of optical fiber. Each pair has a capacity of up to 20Tb per second, meaning that it has the equivalent capacity of 200,000 high quality HD streaming videos. The cables are made to last for 25 years submerged in water.

The Pioneering

The Brazilian military is a pioneer in the implementation of the laying of power lines from the rivers of Northern Brazil with the Amazon Connection Project (PAC). As well known in the state of Amazonas, connecting the capital Manaus with many distant cities such as Coari, Tefé, Novo Airão and Barcelos.

Continuing the PAC, the Federal Government created the Sustainable Integrated Amazon Program (PAIS), under Law 10,800, with the aim of expanding communication in the Amazon region through the use the fiber optic transport network, in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and with the Army Integrated Telematics Center (CITEx) as the agent involved in this process.

For Defense, this project supports the development of military communications at the border with the goal of national defense. Due to its new and extensive features, it is a dual function (military and civil application) and represents a historical milestone in the communication of the country.

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