Instagram has a big problem

Social networks add some 4.8 billion followers Worldwide. Fragmentation is widespread, but some platforms have lost public interest. Facebook is the first to at least stop. Reports show that, on average, users interact with six or seven different social media platforms per month and spend two hours and 24 minutes a day on them.

According to a report from TRG Datacentresan American technology company, the app Xov Meta, which gained 100 million users in five days, has seen an 80% drop in daily users since its launch in July 2023.

The report shows the important facts that were mentioned Elon Musk in


“Instagram is the most deleted app in 2023 indicating a change in advertising preferences,” he said. Chris Hinkle, Technical Director of TRG Datacenters. “It shows that there is a change in the customer base and shows the demand for new and evolving platforms.”

Researchers have used those Nine social networks most popular worldwide according to and accessible from many countries. They then analyzed how many times ‘delete my account’ was searched for over 12 months.

10,200,000 people looking to delete Instagram in 2023

According to the investigation, 10,200,000 people sought to cancel Instagram in 2023; 1,280,000 each Snapchat12.300 He Twitter71.700 He Telegram49.000 He Facebook24.900 He Tiktok, YouTube 12.500 He; 4.950 each WhatsApp a 2.090 WeChat.

Failure to do so

Meta app has been around for years. However, scientists say the arrival is huge report and more influencers They use it as a place to promote the brand, they can make users disappointed. Instagram It also has more than 2 billion users worldwide.

Scientists say yes a million people find out how to delete the app every month, this can mean not working for the famous app in the future.

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