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Ana Wolfermann has gained popularity on social networks such as TikTok or Instagram, thanks to its constant content that it provides know the truth about his own life.

On TikTok he has nearly one million followers and on Instagram he has 116 thousand. Also, The woman was involved in some production from the United States, as confirmed by some of his publications.

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His current residence is New York, but he was born in Caracas, Venezuela, he is 22 years old and most of his movies he speaks English; Very little of what he said was in Spanish.

The ‘Influencer’ will leave the conversation and find work

The young woman received the attention of Internet users on February 9 with a video that has more than 1.6 million views, because she announced the importance.

I’m about to become an American corporate girl who is still on social media” says the description of the ‘clip’.

In almost four minutes, Wolfermann explains that, though Your presence on this platform generates incomewill stop looking for a good job.

According to Ana, everything she experienced as an ‘influencer’ was not “live up to your expectations“, because of this, he wants”take a step to the side“.

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The creator of the content made it clear that constantly writing himself and telling the truth about his life has become exhausting and, incidentally, this has not led to growth in the work that he learned.

I think since I graduated and I’ve been doing this (being strong), I haven’t done anything with my brain. I spend all my time talking about myself, killing and treating myself. That is not the life I want to live“said Ana Wolfermann.

Many of the young women’s followers left her comments like: “I like this video Go do what makes you happy!”, “This is more honest and I appreciate this”, “I like this feeling, I’ve never heard it before” Other content creators talk about this” and “Work in the influencer industry, you’ll be perfect for it.”“.

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