Independent organizations have set their sights on the coming year

Spanish independent organizations take stock of the current state and present their challenges for the new year.

Independent organizations, those with creativity and ideas flowing from the competition, keep things from the difficult 2023, where change is the order of the day and the uncertainty has become important, but throughout the last 12 months, these organizations also saw the opportunity to bring out. the best in the “indie” scene of the world of advertising creativity. The fact that these organizations to be masters of their own decisions and not depend on others It is one of the keys to its success.

Little by little, independent organizations are disappearing from organizations without speakers, holding the microphone and leaving their voices. So stood out in the industry and gained importanceTherefore, there are already many advertisers who rely on their creativity and freedom when creating their campaigns.

From We want to bring the products of this year 2023 through the eyes of creative organizations, to see how they have experienced this period of joint ventures, and to present both play challenges and new business opportunities, which have landed in 2023 with new ideas, and the creativity that characterizes them. PS21 Baby, White Tower Penguin, Tidart, Tango, Vernon, Infinity Media, YouPlanet, Watson, Darwin & Verne, AMT, Equmedia and Zerodrama are the organizations that participate in this special exhibition your goals for the coming year.

Goals, challenges and priorities of independent organizations in 2023

In the words of Enric Nel-Lothat is ECD and cofounder of PS21 Barna, the time that independent organizations find themselves is very good, because they have a journey ahead of them and a very good proposal.

«For the departure of professionals who hold leadership positions in many societies after the crisis, the growth of independent organizations with many capacities, focusing on the fact of business, has expanded, good in the product, transparent in the relationship, in addition to providing a more agile process such as the ability to decide, to say yes or no, to create a better and more effective relationship and escape from oppressive and ineffective processes. economic or social, or the failure of some competition,” said the spokesman.

For his part, Jose Luis Morogeneral creative director and director of Pingüino Torreblanca, said that There is a lot of business for them. “Our independents have always had things that customers like, creative, self-care, not paying for big brands that don’t have a lot of value. No more, and the evidence is that more and more important people work with Independientes,” said José Luis Moro.

From the organization Darwin & Verne make sure thate 92% of Spanish publishers are willing to work with independent creative agencies and that “40% of the businesses created in 2023 have been captured by them.” So, they pointed that out It’s an opportunity for the indies because of the talent they keep and the customer service they providewhich makes them “incredibly attractive.”

The driving force of creativity

Without a doubt, 2023 is a difficult year, since the popularity of artificial intelligence and territorial disputes, the world of advertising is not immune to problems . But, despite its difficulties, the world of advertising has begun to see the better: In the first nine months of the year, the advertising industry showed a growth of 2.4% compared to the equivalent period of 2022, which means an investment of 3,953.6 million euros in the first nine months of 2023.

Creativity is one of the main driving forces when creating a business, changing communication and marketing by doing good and exciting business. In addition, the indie organizations are in a good time because, throughout the year 2023, they have a great presence in some of the best awards.

From Zerodrama they highlight that This year we have seen brilliant projects and projects, with good results, and signed by independent organizations in major awards. There is a reason for this, and it is what advertisers look for in their organization “adaptability, sociality, freedom of decision and ability and courage for risk.”

You can download the features of independent organizations at from this link.

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