IFT: 55.9% of internet users have basic knowledge

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The Federal Communications Commission (IFT) has reported that the main digital activity that Internet users do or have done is 64.8 percent of searching and receiving information. of web pages, while 49.8 percent do so to copy or move files and 48.9 percent. do so for the protection of personal information or privacy.

IFT indicated that the users who said that they have experience working on the Internet, either on the phone and/or from their mobile phone, represent 55.9 percent​​​​ and 48.5 percent, respectively.

Similarly, the IFT said that the older you are, the knowledge to perform these tasks decreases.

The regulatory agency said that 33.5 percent of fixed internet users and 14.6 percent of mobile users have asked for help to do some task online. Internet, mainly used for communication and online shopping, as well as implementation and installation. application/software.

Similarly, the IFT pointed out that 25 percent of fixed internet users and 26.4 percent of mobile phone users have studied or trained themselves to be financially literate. nature has done some work on the internet in the past two years.

When presenting the Second Survey 2023, Users of Mobile Communications, the organization said that the majority of fixed internet users and / or mobile phone users will ask for help / inquire a family member or friend if they don’t know how to work on the internet.

It also shows that fixed internet users and/or mobile phone users have requested help only for: social use, online shopping and sending messages through WhatsApp, Telegram ( among others), use of applications, installation of software/applications and online transactions.

The organization pointed out that the older the age, the more users ask for help to do some tasks on the Internet and mobile phones.

In contrast, young people often see themselves as more intelligent compared to older people.

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