If you are a Sanitas user, this information is important. From today, Cruz Verde will no longer deliver drugs

EPS Sanitas users will be affected the next day, after dRoguerías and Farmacias Cruz Verde will announce on Monday, October 30, through a press release, that it can no longer provide essential drugs, among other non-PBS products to partners.

The decision is due to the fact that “by not being able to assume that all the costs for production and delivery are checked, blockages have been created in the products used by some of the them.”

Announcements that cause great concern among users who, upon discovering what is happening, do not hesitate to comment on social networks and ask their EPS about what will happen now .

The reason for Cruz Verde: a debt

“After more than three years of negotiations and many requests to EPS Sanitas to establish the payment of the debt, until today, it has not been able to clean it. Cruz Verde did not receive the payment plan from EPS, and, at the same time, the insurer rejected the contract. for what he promised, a situation that makes the product unstable from a financial, legal and construction point of view,” the statement said.

Cruz Verde statement about the situation of Sanitas.

Cruz Verde statement about the situation of Sanitas. | Video: Green Cross

Be careful with the date

Cruz Verde itself warns Sanitas users in a statement that, As of next November 15, he can no longer give the medicineequipment and technology that are not included in the Basic Medical Plan for EPS members.

By setting the date until the product will be available, Cruz Verde understands “the social impact of this difficult decision, which was made after a rigorous and responsible analysis.”

Cruz Verde has a contract with Sanita EPS for more than three years for the supply of drugs outside the Health Plan.

Cruz Verde has a contract with Sanita EPS for more than three years for the supply of drugs outside the Health Plan. | Video: The discussion

He also said that “he has communicated to the organization that, until today, makes its pharmacy and distribution center available to EPS Sanitas to support the transfer of non-PBS productswhich the laboratory did not provide. “

The pharmacy also confirms that this decision only affects Sanitas and not the rest of EPS: “The company is forced to adopt this measure whiche can only deal with Sanitas EPSabout Non-PBS, with the aim of sending to medical centers and other organizations Cruz Verde customers can continue to work normally. “

Concerns and protests criticize Petro

The event, which has created a variety of attacks on the meeting, gives the biggest concern of the EPS members, causing many people to comment on health issues and what can be caused by advertising from Cruz Verde.

“Another ‘monitoring’ of violations. On November 15, Cruz Verde will suspend the supply of drugs that are outside the Health Care Program to Sanitas members. Agreement not was done for the debt of 400,000 million dollars of the highest budget,” said Cabal.

The representative of the Chamber, Catherine Juvinao, was heard in X and said “the situation of Cruz Verde and Sanitas especially the weight, “It is one of the EPSs with the most members in the country, with nearly 6 million.”

“It’s worse if you consider that the highest budget is ready to pay Medicines outside the plan mustwhich includes high-cost treatment for patients with rare diseases,” he said.

Juvinao also blamed the president, Gustavo Petro, for the situation, saying: “The problem that Petro’s government decided to focus on – deliberately – included the delay in payments for EPS at the peak of the 2023 budget and the 2022 change of government. Corresponding to July, August and September have been barely.”

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